Now is the Time For the Tea Party to Ready for the Next Election

With the next presidential election less than 2 years away, our party needs to start getting out in full force. There is no luxury of time and we should not let our victory in the midterm elections keep us from losing focus. The country is in need of change, and if we make sure that happens now, we will be set up for another four years of the same.

The best way to make an impact is to get our position known to as many voters as possible. Get out and talk with as many people as you can, every single day. Let them know that without change, there is no future for our great nation.

It is not too early to start door to door canvassing and begin planting the seeds of change in voters heads. Many of us did this before the mid terms, and with obvious great result. We let people see up close that the tea party is not the enemy of the state that we are made out to be, but rather proud Americans who believe the political climate is not in ours or your best interest.

One true story that really helped to humanize our group happened at a house in Long Island. As we approached, there were snarling dogs in the yard. As much as they barked, they would not go onto the walk or the driveway. This served as an opener with the homeowner as we discussed the many benefits of having a wireless pet control system around the house. I had never seen one before I read about them on and was intrigued by how the dogs stayed back, but were not being harmed in any way.


Using that wireless dog fence as a way to be friendly our group was able to connect with the voter and talk openly about our policies and views. He was receptive to us as he saw we were not much different than he, with common problems like how to keep the dog in the yard.

Beyond canvassing, you can use church events, VFW events, school gatherings and even the grocery store line to get people on board with our politics. We are not yet a large force, but with continued support will one day be a force to be reckoned with. Our group has great ideas for a strong nation, and needs all the support it can get to bring them to fruition.

Please get out and do your part to make 2016 the year of change for America. There has been enough abuse of power over the last six years, and if  we allow that to continue the entire structure that this great nation is built upon will crumble.

Is the Tea Party The Most Misunderstood Group in Modern Politics?

Often the butt of political jokes, you really cannot dismiss the impact that the Tea Party has had on the face of modern American Politics. They manage to harness an amazing energy that is then used to promote their cause. November’s mid term elections are a great example of the influence they now have, whether the naysayers like it or not.

Although technically a bi partisan group, the Tea Party was critical in mobilizing Americans to support Republican candidates, and more importantly go to the polls to vote, allowing for a senate and house that now both have a red majority.  With a democrat at the executive level, this helps to balance the power of the American national government. It is obvious that the current president is not supported by the Tea Party, but their political savvy found a way to circumvent that.

The Tea Party is comprised of thousands of individuals with a strong foundational Judeo-Christian value system. Even their name suggests a strong belief that they are true American Patriots from every race, religion, national origin, and walk of life sharing a common belief that the nation is being eroded by the disregard for human values.

With the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the political climate is definitely going to be heated in Washington over the next two years. The president is not going to have an easy time of enacting any policy that does not fit in with the Tea Party agenda.


A few well known figures are proud supports of the Tea Party including the Duck Dynasty family. This bearded group of men from Louisiana has been very outspoken about their support of the Tea Party and their views on current American political issues. While these guys are in desperate need of some beard trimming tips like the ones over at, they can tell you a few things about the way in which America is being run.

The Tea Party was born as citizens became increasingly frustrated by politics, especially after the 2008 financial crash.  They began to seek a new voice, and looked to the past to help forge a better future. What they found was that they shared many of the beliefs held by the founding fathers, and looked to them and the constitution for guidance. Critics of the Tea Party see this as a disregard in changing times and the changing needs of the American people. The Tea Party on the other hand believes that these beliefs are universal and will be able to stand the test of time.

The boys from Duck Dynasty look and feel the part of the American founding fathers. With their lack of beard balm and strong views, it is easy to imagine them with a musket in hand alerting the town to the arrival of the redcoats. The naysayers should take a moment and look at what the Tea Party truly represents before continuing to mock them.

Let’s Talk About The Debt Ceiling

When discussing political issues one debate that is never ending is the debt ceiling. It is the driving force behind many political debates and elections. What is the debt ceiling exactly? Simply, put it is a limit set against what the government can borrow. What is the government borrowing money for? Typically, for the military, paying back debts to other countries and maintaining benefits for Americans such as food assistance. Those are just very small things the government must fund. Why is the debt ceiling such an issue for millions of American’s though? The amount of debt we carry in the country trickles all of the way down to the average American just like you and I.

Ultimately we will always be in a cycle of debt but it is how America handles it that really matters. It may not seem as if the national debt affects you personally but it does! From credit cards to home mortgages, the interest rates carried about by major institutions are affected by the national average of debt and in turn that affects your personal bottom line.

Our greatest concern about the debt ceiling is the ability to pay back other countries and old debts while still finding a way to sustain programs that help millions of people. Programs are not just affected by this. So is our military. When debt is high, it makes it hard to fund training and deployments properly. We need to deploy soldiers to keep this country safe but to often units are held back because of issues with debt in this country.

The tea party wants to change societies awareness of how the government ultimately handles your bottom line. While the debt ceiling can be a great way to leverage cash flow and continue covering great organizations, programs and much needed funds for social security there must be a way to marginalize our debt so that it stops hitting Americans’ wallets so hard. What can we do to decrease debt seems to be a common question among many on a daily basis. We need to find the answer to that question quickly so that the American people do not suffer at the hands of congress or the president.

It was once believed eliminating the debt ceiling all together would be beneficial to the country. While most would agree, many do not. We need to cap the ceiling to keep spending in this country under control. Since 1917 the issues of repaying others while keeping our military funded and organizations funded has been an issue; and will most likely be an issue until we can come together to find practical solutions.

Getting Started With Tea Party Politics

The tea party… A lot of people want to know what the tea party is and what the tea party represents. To start, the tea party is a non-partisan organization; They also base their politic beliefs on the foundations of the constitution.

More then that thought the tea party believes everyone is entitled to their own views and while no one organization will come together perfectly, they thrive off the clash of ideas and opinions. There are hundreds of organizations in America, the Muskogee being one of them. It is a great organization if you want your voice heard. Representing your ideas and believes is celebrated at this organization.

The next question people have is what does non-partisan really mean. Being non-partisan essentially means that you, yourself are not tied to one political organization or “political belief”  more specifically there is no specific affiliation to one political group. The tea party Muskogee has been making great strides in the political world, helping to redefine that the constitution is at the core of any political believe. The constitution seems to have been lost in the grand scheme of political competition.

What is a libertarian? A libertarian is an individual that holds liberty and freedom in the highest regard. One individual that represents this concept well is Ron Paul who fully backs the tea party and represents many republicans in the political world.

Another group that is represented in the tea party is the republican. Republicans have very literal views. Financial security for those who work hard for it, representation of the constitution and a limited government. Essentially the republican party has a belief that the American people should determine the day to day economic functions of The United States.

These three political “parties” make up the core of the tea party and that is again why this organization believes in the joining of citizens with common beliefs but firmly holds true that no two people will agree.

Now that the foundation of the tea party has been laid down the next thing to know is what are the primary goals of the tea party and the Muskogee? What is their primary political motivation?

One of the primary motivations is financial equality for those that work hard for their money and the fair representation of the constitution. Those are just two primary motivations. Let’s break that down. The Muskogee lean closer to a libertarian point of view, but will not turn away others with opposing political views. The Tea Party Muskogee pride themselves on having an open floor for anyone to bring their ideas and opinions to the table. The best way to do that is to have open meetings, or public forums. Joining an organization such as this may expand your horizons, helping you discover a new point of view or help you formulate your own political opinions. That is the goal of this organization, to help future leaders and citizens see what changes can be made to the world.