The Truth Behind Sharron Angle’s Sauna for Inmates

As a political group of its own design, it is important for Americans to understand that we are not avid supporters of every candidate who calls themselves a Republican. In fact, we can find just as many flaws in the individual Republicans we have seen over the years as we can with the democrats, it’s just that are views are typically more in line with that party’s, but not necessarily all of the people who are asked to represent it.

Take former Nevada Assembleywoman Sharron Angle  for example. Yes, at one time we did back her as a party. Her views on taxation, gun laws and abortion were in line with ours, and she seemed a sound candidate to represent the state of Nevada in the house. And then she went a little too far.

Back in 2002, there is evidence that strongly suggests Angle’s intent to expose state prisoners to massage and sauna therapy. This is a practice used in some Mexican jails, and an idea supported by scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The massages are meant to relax the minds of the prisoners, while the sauna detoxifies their bodies. Now, I do know because I have a portable infrared sauna that they do in fact release built up toxins from the body. These portable saunas are a great thing to have at home, but do we really think prisoners deserve that benefit? It’s not like the risks associated are bad enough that they would be a good punishment for the inmates.

In her defense, Angle did withdraw the suggestion before it became official, but the damage was done. How could anyone possibly justify such an idea, and then when asked about why it was withdrawn, respond with “it would have been rejected by the democrats who held the majority vote at the time”.


Of course it would have been rejected by the Democrats because it was a dumb idea! I would have had more respect for her had she just owned up and said that the idea came from too much alcohol and a dream of trying to win over Tom Cruise’s heart. The Tea Party has long held the contention that jail is for bad people, you should not be treated badly, but who also should not be getting better treatment then they would outside. And my guess is that the majority of the prisoners in Nevada jails don’t have a membership at the local massage parlor.

So there is the official reason behind why Angle lost our support. We don’t care if a candidate is a Republican with an ancenstry that goes straight back to Thomas Jefferson, if you are proposing crazy stuff like this you no longer have our support. Plain and Simple.

“An American With a Remington” – Now That’s the Way to Get a Message Across

Americans have received sad news about a young woman who was killed by ISIS after being captured while administering aide overseas. Let’s hope that this is finally the act that gets Obama motivated. Because obviously burning people alive isn’t doing it, nor is chopping off their heads.

This type of terrorism has gone on for way too long. Country singers Larry Gatlin and Billy Dean had it right months ago with their song aimed right at the terrorists. With no apology, they openly sing about the need to rid the planet of these gutless madmen once and for all. I vote that we make “An American With a Remington” the tea party anthem.

When you get angry, you act. And obviously the White House isn’t angry yet. But we are. We are angry that there are individuals in the world who think they can spit on the American dream by instilling fear in our hearts. While that’s not going to happen. They got us once on 9/11 but they won’t get us again, at least not if the tea party has their way.

As a nation we need to band together and force Obama to take action. Take online singing lessons if you must and then stand on the lawn of the White House and sing along Gatlin and Dean. Once you learn how to sing online you can also go ahead and teach his kids the “Star Spangled Banner” because apparently there is no longer any American pride in the first family.

Gatlin admits that the song is directly aimed at the terrorist group and was written out of anger. Anger is a good way to feel about this situation. Anger is an emotion that gets things done. He says he was not looking for a fight, but since it is obvious one is looking for Americans it is time that the truth was revealed. Law makers may not want us to know the truth, but you can’t hide the horror of a body being set ablaze to make a point.

So my proposal is that the political war waging in Washington take a respite for a moment, and intelligent heads start formulating an effective plan of action. NOW. Not tomorrow, and certainly not a few months down the road after more innocent people have lost their lives.

Start a letter writing campaign, inundate with emails. Create posts that raise eyebrows and learn to sing online so that our new anthem is one that makes the terrorists afraid of a little tea.

Whatever Became of the OWS and All That Camping Gear?

It was not that long ago that our rivals on the far left were camped out for months on and near New York’s Wall Street. What happened to those guys? Barely a peep in two years and yet our party continues to grow strong. Is it possible that they have realized the truth in their government but are too embarrassed to admit it?

Our party staged a similar stunt back in 2013. Wiping out store stocks of family tents and sleeping bags, we made the courageous move to camp out in Lafayette Square Park in Washington D.C. until Obama, and his entire leftist house, finally got the sense to leave America’s White House. As we know, that tactic did not do us any good, and many of us are now left with truck loads of tents and cooking stoves that we have no use for.

zuccotti-parkSo we and the OWS brigade both made similar errors, and yet here we still are and they are nothing more than a clownish memory. Why? Because despite not being able to camp Obama out of office even with our top rated gear, we chose to campaign for reform, and won. The House and Senate are now both armed with like-minded republicans who are working towards change. And taking the White House back is just another year away.

Even the king of leftists, Bill Maher, had no respect for the OWS brigade when they were spending all that energy camping out in parks. In one broadcast he even gave our movement kudos by telling the OWS to go out and actually get involved in politics the way that we do, not lay down in the street and cry about them.

Because that is exactly what we did. We got out and we talked to people, and we encouraged voters to vote and explained to them why. The criers will never accomplish more than cleaning out Kleenex, while the doers are busy cleaning up Washington. Political change is work, work for those who are campaigning for office, and work for people like us who are hell bent on getting them there.

It has been years since the OWS movement slowly moved off of Wall Street. Maybe they did have jobs that they had to get back to, or maybe they finally realized that a non-political group of people who are only practicing the American right to capitalism had very little to do with them losing their houses to foreclosure. It hopefully is that they finally saw that change needs to start on Virginia Avenue, not Wall Street.

Whatever the reason, we can only wait and see if they have plans on pushing for the next presidential election. Left or right, a successful political machine depends on logical views from both sides of the fence.

Is Paul Ryan the Right Candidate to Bring Home the Tea Party Message?

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has been somewhat of a controversial figure in politics, but only because he is one of the few who is not afraid to speak their truths. If you read his autobiography published last year, The Way Forward, Renewing the American Idea then you already know that his life and values are in line with what our party is hoping for in our nation.

In his book, Ryan reveals for the first time that he is the son of an alcoholic father, whom he found dead on the floor when he was just sixteen. Unlike other young men facing that situation, Ryan gained strength and became the head of his family at a very young age.

Today he is the proud head of his own family, often seen with his 12 year old son. Ryan is raising his son the way he would have liked to have been raised himself, teaching him skills like hunting with a recurve bow and arrows. It is time spent with our children like this, using recurve bows for hunting, playing catch in the yard, or even just going for a walk, that is going to instill in them the values needed to keep the country going strong long after we are all gone.

Will Paul Ryan Run?

That still remains up in the air, but we certainly hope so. He is a crusader for change in Washington and even in the Republican party, pushing to change federal welfare systems, re-look at medicare and Medicaid and over haul this failing tax code.

While others, such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry are already making their bids for the White House, Ryan remains quiet. Focusing instead on the job at hand which includes a new position as head of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Paul+Ryan+2012+Republican+National+Convention+Wh3xcqb3sx5lAccording to Ryan, he is not poised to spend two years campaigning for a new job, while the one he has in front of him is so critical. That’s an answer that deserves respect, and makes us want to campaign for him while he works on fixing the budget.

With the last election positioning the party better, there is a chance that change is finally going to find its way towards Washington. The budget and the economy has been a disaster for almost a decade now, and it’s time that someone with common sense like Ryan get a real stab at fixing it.

Let’s encourage Mr. Ryan to make his play for the White House with a supportive email campaign. Let him know that his efforts are appreciated and that we are anxious to see what he is capable of when there is no one standing in his way. He was a good son to his mother, and is now a good father to his son, and it is my opinion that he will be a good leader for our country.

Bringing Back the Tea Party Spirit One French Fry at a Time

Our momentum as becoming a party to contend with has slowed considerably over the last couple of years. The midterm elections were a huge victory for us, and the country, but we can not let us forget that at our root is less government involvement and a country that really is for its people.

One of our biggest highlights since our movement began happened over 2 years ago. Since the Chic-fil-A incident, and our massive rallying of supports, there has not been any unification of our party at that magnitude since.

To give a little background to those who are new to Tea Party politics, in 2012 we stood behind the fast food chain Chic-fil-A as their company was being verbally assaulted all over the internet for true comments made by its CEO Dan Cathy. The comments openly admitted to the company being opposed to gay marriage.

This of course brought on an onslaught of hate from the liberal side, where apparently it is not okay in America to be opposed to anything other than common sense. We stood by our Chick-fil-A friends and encouraged our party members to block the boycott and go on a boycott.

Laughingly I must admit that it is a good thing the chicken chain makes such good food. From grilled chicken to chicken cooked in the deep fryer, our party members feasted on the entire menu. Again, if you don’t know, Chic-Fil-A is a chicken chain that does wonders with poultry and deep fryers though we wonder how they’d fare with a more ‘health conscious’ oil free option like one of these.

Our members lined the streets waiting for their chance to indulge in deep fried goodness while protesters stood behind yellow tape hurling obscenities at them. The entire situation was quite hypocritical when you consider that we were being criticized for expressing our support of freedom of speech. By groups who consistently try and accuse us of doing the same.


Now I am not saying that we need another big CEO to get honest in order for us to get publicity. There are plenty of issues right now where we could be gathering forces to show the injustice. Pro immigration reformists are a constant sight in Washington right now, why aren’t we there expressing our side?

This lax attitude is what is going to make us lose the upcoming election. Again. It is not enough to have a heavy hand in the house and senate. We need to take over the White House again if we want real reform that makes real sense.

Start by getting riled up again like we did in 2012. During that time our party showed solidarity at a time when no one thought we had any. Deep fryer food aside, it was a coup for our party and a way to show the country that we stand behind what we preach. Start standing again and let’s get to work on making our words count.

Who is Funding the Tea Party Movement?

Like any political organization, if the big 2, the Tea Party relies heavily on private donations to move our message forward. This is a challenge for us, especially for the way in which we are being portrayed in the media. As a result we are not always to express our message in the way that we would like to.

What Are Donations Used For?

Political parties such as the Republicans and Democrats collect donations for campaigning. Being able to receive funds from company’s and corporations has caused much controversy in the government and is one of the leading reasons why very little is actually accomplished in the white house.

As we are not actively campaigning at that level, our donations received are being allocated towards different types of results. Mainly we try and unify our group, organize events and come up with creative methods of getting the rest of hard working America to understand our cause and jump on board.

The majority of money is being spent on printing educational materials that can distributed to businesses and homes. We try and make the material informative and truthful, allowing the recipient to make their own judgment on what our party stands for. In many instances they are amazed to realize that our wants are the same as theirs, and that the media has highly exaggerated our goals and influence.

Collecting Donations

We have started to work as a group in organizing fund raising events. We have also decided that for the best result, our events should be as non-political as possible. To do this, we have begun a campaign that encourages the donation of goods and services which are then sold at either at flea market type events or using Craig’s list.


Our members have come forward in full force to help with these events. One who stands out is a young lady from Pennsylvania who has an essential oil business that she runs online. Her attitude about donating her expansive collection of essential oils was that they are all made with plant material, which will grow back and give her plenty of supplies to work with in the future so that she can continue to supply people with high quality products for their diffusing machines.

A carpenter in New York is offering himself at auction for a week long service commitment. The highest bidder will only need to have the supplies for a renovation or add on of his choice.

Our organization and its members are really a remarkable group of people who are dedicated to the cause. We are proud of their commitment and hope that one day more Americans will understand that our goals are really not as far from theirs as they would like to think.

The Tea Party Views on Obama Care

After the government shutdown when Obama Care was implemented, there should be no doubt in your mind what the Tea Party thinks of the program. So now a few years later has the Tea Party changed their opinion about how it works and the benefits it supposedly offers?

The initial start up of Obama Care was a disaster. No one knew what they wanted, or how to get it, and the system set up to handle those enquiries suddenly broke down. This was our first sign that the democrats, nor the American people, were ready for this type of broad spectrum healthcare program.

Cost wise, it is more expensive for individuals, families and even businesses to participate in Obama Care. This has led to a entire group of small to mid sized businesses being unable to provide health care services to their employees without breaking their bank. By eliminating the competition, there is no way of controlling those costs so that the small business does not suffer for being forced into an expensive health care initiative for their company.

This is terrible news for a nation whose economy still stands at the brink of failure. Small businesses create a large need for workers. If business owners shut their doors because they can’t afford the premiums for insurance, then unemployment rates and inflation are going to rise again.


And that cost is expected to increase. While companies were able to avoid any increase the first renewal period thanks to an early sign up initiative that will no longer be an option. Instead, businesses that are unable to meet those rising costs will have to close their doors or pass the cost onto their employees.

The cost of Obama Care is much higher for individuals then was originally promised. So high in fact that many are choosing to skip it all together as opposed to taking on the large expense. This of course will only lead to more problems later as they will be penalized on their federal taxes if they are not signed up.

This is exactly the type of situation we had anticipated, and the reason behind the government shut down. Our economic system relies on competitiveness for the consumer. This is in effect a monopoly on health care insurance, where the government is the one that is holding the get out of jail free card.

Supporters of Obama Care are already talking about expanding the initiative, an expansion that would include complete dental coverage. Would it not be easier, and less of a burden to tax payers, to donate electric toothbrushes like these found at and toothpaste to the poor and be done with it. The only people benefiting from these programs are the ones in the lower income brackets. The ones who collect welfare. Hand them an electric toothbrush instead (or heck, teach them how to read what the best ones are with reviews and comparisons and let them fend for themselves) and let them know they are responsible for their future, that they can no longer ride on the coat tails of hard working Americans.

Now is the Time For the Tea Party to Ready for the Next Election

With the next presidential election less than 2 years away, our party needs to start getting out in full force. There is no luxury of time and we should not let our victory in the midterm elections keep us from losing focus. The country is in need of change, and if we make sure that happens now, we will be set up for another four years of the same.

The best way to make an impact is to get our position known to as many voters as possible. Get out and talk with as many people as you can, every single day. Let them know that without change, there is no future for our great nation.

It is not too early to start door to door canvassing and begin planting the seeds of change in voters heads. Many of us did this before the mid terms, and with obvious great result. We let people see up close that the tea party is not the enemy of the state that we are made out to be, but rather proud Americans who believe the political climate is not in ours or your best interest.

One true story that really helped to humanize our group happened at a house in Long Island. As we approached, there were snarling dogs in the yard. As much as they barked, they would not go onto the walk or the driveway. This served as an opener with the homeowner as we discussed the many benefits of having a wireless pet control system around the house. I had never seen one before I read about them on and was intrigued by how the dogs stayed back, but were not being harmed in any way.


Using that wireless dog fence as a way to be friendly our group was able to connect with the voter and talk openly about our policies and views. He was receptive to us as he saw we were not much different than he, with common problems like how to keep the dog in the yard.

Beyond canvassing, you can use church events, VFW events, school gatherings and even the grocery store line to get people on board with our politics. We are not yet a large force, but with continued support will one day be a force to be reckoned with. Our group has great ideas for a strong nation, and needs all the support it can get to bring them to fruition.

Please get out and do your part to make 2016 the year of change for America. There has been enough abuse of power over the last six years, and if  we allow that to continue the entire structure that this great nation is built upon will crumble.

Is the Tea Party The Most Misunderstood Group in Modern Politics?

Often the butt of political jokes, you really cannot dismiss the impact that the Tea Party has had on the face of modern American Politics. They manage to harness an amazing energy that is then used to promote their cause. November’s mid term elections are a great example of the influence they now have, whether the naysayers like it or not.

Although technically a bi partisan group, the Tea Party was critical in mobilizing Americans to support Republican candidates, and more importantly go to the polls to vote, allowing for a senate and house that now both have a red majority.  With a democrat at the executive level, this helps to balance the power of the American national government. It is obvious that the current president is not supported by the Tea Party, but their political savvy found a way to circumvent that.

The Tea Party is comprised of thousands of individuals with a strong foundational Judeo-Christian value system. Even their name suggests a strong belief that they are true American Patriots from every race, religion, national origin, and walk of life sharing a common belief that the nation is being eroded by the disregard for human values.

With the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the political climate is definitely going to be heated in Washington over the next two years. The president is not going to have an easy time of enacting any policy that does not fit in with the Tea Party agenda.


A few well known figures are proud supports of the Tea Party including the Duck Dynasty family. This bearded group of men from Louisiana has been very outspoken about their support of the Tea Party and their views on current American political issues. While these guys are in desperate need of some beard trimming tips like the ones over at, they can tell you a few things about the way in which America is being run.

The Tea Party was born as citizens became increasingly frustrated by politics, especially after the 2008 financial crash.  They began to seek a new voice, and looked to the past to help forge a better future. What they found was that they shared many of the beliefs held by the founding fathers, and looked to them and the constitution for guidance. Critics of the Tea Party see this as a disregard in changing times and the changing needs of the American people. The Tea Party on the other hand believes that these beliefs are universal and will be able to stand the test of time.

The boys from Duck Dynasty look and feel the part of the American founding fathers. With their lack of beard balm and strong views, it is easy to imagine them with a musket in hand alerting the town to the arrival of the redcoats. The naysayers should take a moment and look at what the Tea Party truly represents before continuing to mock them.

Let’s Talk About The Debt Ceiling

When discussing political issues one debate that is never ending is the debt ceiling. It is the driving force behind many political debates and elections. What is the debt ceiling exactly? Simply, put it is a limit set against what the government can borrow. What is the government borrowing money for? Typically, for the military, paying back debts to other countries and maintaining benefits for Americans such as food assistance. Those are just very small things the government must fund. Why is the debt ceiling such an issue for millions of American’s though? The amount of debt we carry in the country trickles all of the way down to the average American just like you and I.

Ultimately we will always be in a cycle of debt but it is how America handles it that really matters. It may not seem as if the national debt affects you personally but it does! From credit cards to home mortgages, the interest rates carried about by major institutions are affected by the national average of debt and in turn that affects your personal bottom line.

Our greatest concern about the debt ceiling is the ability to pay back other countries and old debts while still finding a way to sustain programs that help millions of people. Programs are not just affected by this. So is our military. When debt is high, it makes it hard to fund training and deployments properly. We need to deploy soldiers to keep this country safe but to often units are held back because of issues with debt in this country.

The tea party wants to change societies awareness of how the government ultimately handles your bottom line. While the debt ceiling can be a great way to leverage cash flow and continue covering great organizations, programs and much needed funds for social security there must be a way to marginalize our debt so that it stops hitting Americans’ wallets so hard. What can we do to decrease debt seems to be a common question among many on a daily basis. We need to find the answer to that question quickly so that the American people do not suffer at the hands of congress or the president.

It was once believed eliminating the debt ceiling all together would be beneficial to the country. While most would agree, many do not. We need to cap the ceiling to keep spending in this country under control. Since 1917 the issues of repaying others while keeping our military funded and organizations funded has been an issue; and will most likely be an issue until we can come together to find practical solutions.